(Result) The 6th Hong Kong English Spelling Cup

All winners were invited to attend Prize-giving Ceremony on August 30, emailed details notices will be on mid-August .

Award Winner Group
The 1st Prize 李昭明 Lee Chiu Ming K1
The 2nd Prize 李曉桐 Lee Hiu Tung K1
The 3rd Prize 呂澤昕 Lui Chak Yan K1
Award Winner Group
The 1st Prize 李天朗 Lee Tin Long K2
The 2nd Prize 劉昊 Lau Ho Rex K2
The 3rd Prize 劉浚謙 Lau Tsun Him Jaden K2
Award Winner Group
The 1st Prize 劉灝霖 Lau Ho Lam Matthew K3
The 2nd Prize 王俊桉 Wong Chun On K3
The 3rd Prize 彭宏謙 Pahilwani Himansh Vijay K3
The 3rd Prize 羅懿珩 Lo Yi Hang K3

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