(Result) The 6th Hong Kong Mathematics Cup

All winners were invited to attend Prize-giving Ceremony on August 30, emailed details notices will be on mid-August .

Award Winner Group Type School
The 1st Prize 姚卓夆 Yiu Cheuk Fung K1 Chinese 啟思幼稚園
The 2nd Prize 蔡偉鋒 Choi Wai Fung Fergus K1 Chinese 高主教書院幼稚園部
The 3rd Prize 陳逸鍏 Chan Yat Wai  K1 Chinese 民生書院幼稚園
Outstanding 魯卓傑 Loo Cheuk Kit K1 Chinese York International Kindergarten
The 1st Prize 周昊霆 Chow Ho Ting Alvin K1 English Pui Ching Primary School (Kindergarten Section)
The 2nd Prize 李昭明 Lee Chiu Ming K1 English 民生書院幼稚園
The 2nd Prize 陳皓哲 Chan Ho Chit K1 English 民生書院幼稚園
The 3rd Prize 蔣熠輝 Jiang Yihui Alex K1 English Starter School
Award Winner Group Type School
The 1st Prize 傅珀翹 Fu Pak Kiu K2 Chinese 聖三一中心幼稚園
The 2nd Prize 陳啟濬 Chan Justin Kai Chun K2 Chinese Causeway Bay Victoria Kindergarten & International Kindergarten
The 3rd Prize 李天諾 Lee Tin Lok K2 Chinese 綠茵英文(國際)幼稚園
Outstanding 李彥鋒 LEE YIN FUNG K2 Chinese Kentville Kindergarten
Outstanding 陳昊浚 Chan Ho Tsun K2 Chinese 高主教書院幼稚園部
Outstanding 陳柱熙 Chan Chu Hei Carson K2 Chinese Learning Habitat Kindergarten & Bilingual Nursery
The 1st Prize 于遵 Yu Zhun Zachary K2 English 宣道會上書房中英文幼稚園
The 2nd Prize 譚鎰浠 Tam Yat Hei Kayson K2 English Kentville Kindergarten
The 3rd Prize 李靖祺 Li Ching Kei Christian K2 English Victoria Kindergarten (Lower Kornhill)
Outstanding 羅進謙 Law Chun Him K2 English St. Paul’s Church Kindergarten (North Point)
Award Winner Group Type School
The 1st Prize 陳廷軒 Chan Ting Hin K3 Chinese 祟真會美善幼稚園暨幼兒園(馬鞍山)
The 2nd Prize 梁本立 Leung Pun Lap K3 Chinese Think Internationak Kindergarten
The 3rd Prize 王康銘 Wong Hong Ming K3 Chinese Kentville Kindergarten
Outstanding 曾柏朗 Tsang Pak Long K3 Chinese YMCA of HK Farm Road Nursery School 
The 1st Prize 彭宏謙 Pahilwani Himansh Vijay K3 English Causeway Bay Victoria Kindergarten
The 2nd Prize 蔡子蓁 Choy Tsz Chun Jayme K3 English St. Paul’s Day Nursery
The 3rd Prize 林炡言 Lam Ching Yin Keanu K3 English Catiline kindergarten

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