Creative Kid Engineers Competition 2012

Winning results

Prize Winner School
1st Prize 甘煒程 Kum Wai Ching Cyrus St. Catherine’s International Kindergarten
2nd Prize 黃達之 Wong Tat Chi 聖保羅堂幼稚園
3rd Prize 林諾熙 Lam Nok Hei S.K.H St. Peter’s Church Castle Peak Siu Lun Court Kindergarten
Outstanding Award 温凱翹 Wan Hoi Kiu Hedia Kiangsu & Chekiang School ( Kindergarten Section)
Prize Winner School
1st Prize 曾樂陶 Tsang Lok To 真理浸信會碧濤幼稚園
2nd Prize 潘希意 Poon Hei Yi Voshon St. Catherine’s International Kindergarten
3rd Prize 林會津 Lam Wui Chun Adrian Victoria (Belcher) Int’l Nursery & Kindergarten
Outstanding Award 黃稀駿 Wong Hei Chun 康傑幼稚園
Outstanding Award 吳睿峯 Ng Yui Fung Timothy Canaan Kindergarten (Kowloon Tong)
Prize Winner School
1st Prize 黃博嵐 Wong Pok Laam Munsang College Kindergarten
2nd Prize 熊天約 Hung Tin Yeuk Kowloon Rhenish School & Kindergarten
3rd Prize 梁梓軒 Leung Tsz Hin Matthew 啟思幼稚園 (杏花)
Outstanding Award 吳晉栢 Ng Jin Bo Jasper Creative Primary School’s Kindergarten

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  • Mrs Wong

    The competition is interesting. Would you consider extending the scope to include primary students as well?

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